NordicRecvison (“NRG”) is a chartered Audit- and Taxconsulting Firm registered and supervisoried by the Wirtschaftsprüferkammer ( and Bundessteuerberaterkammer ( as official governmental authorities.  NRG is also registered at the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg.

NRG is a spin-off of an old accounting, tax advising and auditing firm with its place of residence in Hamburg Germany. The firm had been established by the grandfather of the current solely shareholder of NRG in 1937. 

Approach and purpose of NRG are international affairs (inbound and outbound) and sophisticated and special engagements around financial and legal audits, taxes, financials (incl. insolvency matters) and appraisals. Our clients are companies and indivuals as well.

Performance is not a matter of the size of the company. It is just a matter of the competence and personal engagement of the particular professional who takes care of the certain task.  

We believe in networking and keep NRG as a small and flexible unit that works –if useful and/or requested- together with well-known and reliable network partner as for example Antea-International ( a circle of consultants that covers 70 countries and 300 offices worldwide. There are additional cooperations with an international law firm and an expert in transfer pricing and international tax law. This offers a wide range of service.

Since Hamburg (Germany), the place where we run our business, is an international hotspot, NRG also performs service for several foreign companies who had established a subsidiary in Germany. We offer „the full package“ i.e. legal setup, accounting (fiscal and payroll), tax declaration (VAT, CIC etc.), current consulting, address and representation (“residence service – virtual office”).