Active and valid address in Hamburg Germany combined with professionell office service

and office of time.

The Address will be placed in our office Building Godeffroystrasse 31 22587 Hamburg. We collect all documents for the client and forward them to the client. It depends on the individual agreement with each client how to handle the documents: Just put them in an envelope and send it to the client to his place of residence or to open the document and send it instantly via fax or email (PDF) to the client. We could also handle incoming calls for the client.

It is also possible to use our office roams for a certain time. For example for meetings or if a office is needed while your stay in Hamburg.

Following the particular engagement with the client we could fulfill a lot of its obligations in Germany. Registration, contact with the tax authorities, that´s in charge for the client, accounting, filling tax declaration in accordance to applicable law (a double taxation treaty), consulting etc.. This may end up close to a full representation of the company in Germanys.

We don't offer so called "accommodation addresses". Fake addresses may cause substantial problems. If a client’s intents to run an access point or a permanent address in Germany, we can help him -in total compliance with applicable law.

Among other service foreign clients could get, we offer a postal and legal address combined with several services. We also could just handle the incoming post (forward to the client, review it and forward important matters upfront via PDF to the client).

An important issue with these residence taxations in Germany. Usually a permanent residence in Germany grants taxation in income as far as effected in Germany. Intercompany revenues between the subsidiary in Germany and its foreign shareholder must match the dealing at arms lengths requirements.

We assist our clients in these matters in order to avoid unexpected tax problems so far.