Income tax refund and declaration for foreign individuals. 

Preparation and filling German Income tax declaration for the client IF he is obliged to file a declaration OR if the client may expect a VAT refund. This might happen if - for example - an employee had withholder too many taxes on the pay slip.

In both events we try to optimize taxation as far as matched by German Law. Also, we take double taxation into our consideration and advice. 

Income Tax Refund.

It might be, that a foreign employee who works in Germany and who had paid taxes in Germanys could claim for refund of these taxes or at least a portion of these taxes. 

To refund paid taxes a tax declaration will be necessary.

Income Tax Declaration.

Internationals who work in Germany - even as freelancer or employed - are obliged to check whether they must file an income tax in Germany. If the presences in Germany lasts longer than 183 days OR if a domicile is maintained in Germany, the individual may be obliged to file an income tax return (caution: It is not necessary that this domicile is the mayor one -it could be just one among other-). Employees will see withholder tax on their payslip. Subject to expenses in conjunction with the business (for example travel costs) it could be that a portion of the withheld tax might get refunded. But the refund requires an income tax return.

We offer special standardized "packages" for foreign individuals. The basic package contains the check whether the individual is obliged to file a tax return and if "no" it would be senseful to file a return because the individual should receive a refund from the tax authority. This basis package is offered for a quite fair fee. 

Additional service will be offered and calculated on certain request.